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Making of a Real Runner

What makes a real runner?  Am I a real runner?

Yes. I am a real runner. Not because I am fast (I’m not). Not because I have a shiny marathon medal hanging in my house (I don’t. Yet.). But because I run, I improve, and I have once popped my own blister using an embroidery needle.

My journey has, so far, taking me through a forty minute 5K that made me think maybe running was fun, to my second half-marathon where I knew running was part of me. I’m still slow, but getting faster. I’m learning to run in the rain and the heat, in large races and small races. Most importantly, I’m learning something about myself on every run.

If you’re a runner, with or without a marathon medal (yet), with blisters and bibs to show for it, leave a comment, advice, recommendations, or your next race.