My Ambitious August

There were three races I was really looking forward to registering for this summer: Woodridge Mini-Triathlon, Abe’s Amble, and Memorial Medical Center Dr. Dan Adair Triathlon. Too bad for me, they are on consecutive Sundays in August.

I did the Woodridge Triathlon last summer and loved it! It’s an incredibly well-organized race with great race support and the distances of all three events are enough to be demanding, but short enough to make it a fun morning for competitors and spectators.

It’s an efficient order to train for, though, with the mini-triathlon kicking things off and culminating in a longer sprint triathlon.

Today, I started legitimately training for all three races with a serious strength session–check back Wednesday for details.

The rest of the week will look something (hopefully), like this:
Tuesday: Run 3 miles AM; bike 6 miles PM (thankfully my Mom generously loaned me her bike for the summer);
Wednesday: Repeat of Monday’s strength session
Thursday: Run 3 miles AM; swim 30 minutes PM
Friday: Run 4 miles
Saturday: Rest and enjoy the day with friends.

The key to this training plan is to stay flexible. I’ve been fairly strict about sticking to half-marathon training schedules in the past, but with the three races and three sports to prepare for, flexibility will help me get to August.

Thoughts on consecutive races? Am I crazy or ambitious? Is anyone else running any of these races?

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