You Think I Can Lift How Much?!

“You think I can lift how much?”

That’s how every Monday night starts for me.  Since last August, I’ve been working with an amazing personal trainer–Alisha Williams-Jackson at Power Works.

I started working out with Alisha because a co-worker (thanks Brenda!) was already seeing great results with her, and I wanted to lose the last five pounds.  I had no idea how that weight-training was also going to improve my running endurance.

Every Monday, Alisha puts us through circuits, gradually increasing the weight and making me do things I didn’t know I could do.  By Tuesday morning, there’s nothing that isn’t a little sore, but after my long run on Saturday, I feel strong and pain-free.

I want to make it seem like it’s all just hard work, but it’s also a good mix of fun and therapy.  Between complaining about Jacob’s Ladder and step-ups, I’m doubled over laughing at my inability to jump rope.

Besides learning how to use free-weights in ways I would have never imagined–not to mention the amount of weight I’m now able to lift–what are the benefits of working with a personal trainer like Alisha?

  1.  After this year’s half-marathon, I was walking without much pain almost immediately.  My running form was also much stronger when I hit the finish line.

2    I have a muscle in my arm that I’m more than a little proud of and happy to post on Facebook.

Arm muscle!

Arm muscle!


3.     2 pant sizes down from a year ago

4.     Three pounds down, but that’s misleading given the amount of muscle I’ve gained in the last year.  I’m more excited about the 2 pant sizes.

5.  Doing things I never would have imagined I’m capable of doing.  Like a handstand!  Well, it was against the wall, but still, it was pretty impressive.

The experts I’ve talked to for the blog so far have unanimously recommended strength-training as an integral part of a running program.  I can attest to that, personally, and try to force myself to repeat Alisha’s Monday night workout on Wednesdays for two sessions of strength-training each week.  It’s much easier to force myself through the last few reps, though, when she’s watching on Mondays.

The only downside…when Alisha sees this blog post, I’m going to have to stop complaining whens he increases the weight!

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